When it comes to social media management Sydney is well served. Agencies, companies and independent providers of services are everywhere. Here’s a list of social media management companies in Sydney who can help your business expand its digital presence …

Atomic Social Media

Staffed by media professionals from the health and entertainment magazine industries – ex-Wellbeing, X-Press Magazine, ABC TV and News limited, the journalistic calibre of the social media managers at Atomic Social Media is world class. They’ve earned their social stripes by eschewing traditional hard copy media for the digital age while maintaining and expanding a click-bait entertainment media mindset.

Claire Felices Outsourced Social Media

With a masters degree in English, San Pablo-based Claire Felices has been specialising in the Sydney social media market for 8 years. Her excellent social media content is very appealing to small businesses in Sydney who want inexpensive outsourced social media for a fraction of the cost they’d pay in Sydney. Claire only accepts clients who do 12 months minimum though – so show her some respect – she might be cheap, but she’s the best in the Philippines, and very in the know when it comes to putting the word “mate” in a sentence.

Digital Agency Partners

Positive reports about how this company partners with you so you take on the digital challenge and ROI opportunities together. They take a 12.5% commission on revenue and work in social media with websites such as this compensation lawyers website. Social can have a small but effective influence upon Google’s algorithms so their focus on incorporating social media widgets into digital magazine websites such as Cancer News helps those sites attract regular targeted traffic.

Isapience Digital

Isapience specialise in Linked In management and development with a lead generation focus. B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation and Appointment Setting. They optimise your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your authority and expertise in your relevant field to build trust with your target audience. Then they enhance your profile by sharing relevant status updates and writing and publishing original content to demonstrate your expertise to your community. They compile a prospect list of 800 of your ideal customers using LinkedIn’s search features based on: a. Job Titles b. Industries c. Company Size d. Company Name e. Location f. Keywords. With your prospect list, they then search and help you connect and initiate strategic conversations with these 800 target customers, delivering around 20 connection requests per day. Of the 800 target customers, on average they claim to achieve 40% or around 320 successful connections. From these 320 successful connections and at around the eight week mark, they request appointments either face to face or by Skype or phone. On average, they claim to achieve 20 successful appointment requests over a 12 week campaign.

Lead Generation Sydney

Just when you thought social media rarely leads to new enquiries, the team at Lead General Sydney guarantee a revenue-neutral outcome as a minimum. Eg you spend $20,000 on social media management & development with them in one year, they will ensure you have $20K of sales back in your hand as a minimum. Yes there are advertising douchebags running the company, but they run that profitable douchebag option so well.

Sydney Social Media Managers

Instagram and Facebook specialists, with clients in food, wine, chai, cafes, restaurants, travel, the car industry and palm oil plantations, Sydney Social Media Managers have a dynamic network of social media accounts which help with virality spreading messages through twitter accounts such as and many more. They’ve mastered the location attributes of Likestagram to build up excellent strategy intelligence around locations. For social media management Sydney business owners often call them first as they rank at the top of Google – as their fees are very sustainable their client retention rates are well known in the industry.

Sydney Social Media Workshops

Social media workshops and training tailored to your company – they’ve delivered workshops tailored to a wide variety of clients including the City of Sydney, Environmental Protection Authority, a Sharepoint provider, UTS School of Business post-graduates, the Catholic Superannuation Fund, Australian Lending Centre, Bodytrim, We Buy Houses, Bondi Chai, The Actors Centre, Taste Ireland, Hearnet, Roads & Maritime NSW, Holroyd Council and many others.

Social Media Agency

Social media platform experts in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram that will create and post viral-worthy images and memes for any specific industry. Experienced staff members build, engage and keep your brand interactive and up to date with your audience. Clients are encouraged to do some aspects in-house while the agency execute aspects that will simply never get done in-house.

Vanessa Carmichael Enterprises

Vanessa Carmichael specialises in the personal touch. The only way to contact her is by her personal Facebook page and she and her team of social media managers are expert at building your personal brand. Online reputation management is increasingly important for high profile business owners and executives and social media can be crucial in occupying spaces on Google which can otherwise be taken up by negative news articles hanging around for years on end, even if they’re complete distortions of fact and reality – the so-called fake news which has taken hold of the western world.

XXX Social Media

Specialise in social media for the escorts, brothels and adult entertainment markets. While using this adult social media to advocate for the human rights of sex workers and to end sexual slavery. Owned and operated by ex-prostitutes, porn stars, and Kings Cross lap dancers who are based in Sydney, XXX Social Media does Sydney by night from a social media perspective – the bars, the bedrooms and the brothel scene.

“There are more social media managers in Sydney than babies”.