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Social Media Marketing

If you’re looking for a social media management agency you can trust with your social media marketing, strategy, we can refer you to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide social media managers with a highly professional, world-class journalistic approach to social media. The massive conglomeration of people around the globe using Facebook, means that there are very few people untouched by this phenomenon. There are 1.49 billion monthly users of Facebook as of the most recent data in 2015. Social media marketing aims to harness some of this enormous presence for a particular business, product or service. The basic idea is to reach a market of interested people via these social networking mediums. Twitter is growing in reach and appeal around the world. Instagram and Pinterest are primarily image based social media platforms. Every day more and more social media apps emerge within the digital sphere.

Marketing research shows that ingredients and food products are well suited to social media because we all know that people get genuinely excited about things that taste good and, lately, may also be good for you. Health is a big buzz word in the food market, and, even, Nutella claims to be healthy because of all those nuts. Actually, my kids love it and they don’t like nuts, so there can’t be that many nuts in the product; or they are just well hidden. Social media marketing: what is it exactly? It is gossip online and human beings love to gossip. Getting your product or service into that gossip, is what it is all about.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media in the workplace also exposes workers to trending memes and news; important for both commercial and community reasons within a business. Opportunities are continually presenting themselves in the market place through platforms like social media and you don’t want your staff cut off and living inside a bubble. Individually, also, for worker happiness, people like to feel connected to each other and to what is happening in the world. In the same way that staff used to congregate around the water cooler, in the old days, social media is the electronic version of that sharing of gossip and information.

Community Building & Management

We will help you to identify industry influence-rs and future brand advocates. Social media is like electronic gossip, I think, and sharing information in this way is often the most direct means of essential and valuable data reaching the right ears. Our methods of communication are rapidly changing in the twenty first century. The telephone has become a more formal and last resort means of communication; it is an official portal for important communications. Emails, not including spam, are, likewise, now seen as longer formats for the communication of information; and can also be official in status. Texting and social media messaging are the more casual, gossipy forms of communication. There is now a hierarchy of technologically driven means of communicating and our social interactions make use of these in different ways.

Badge Creation and Strategy

Finding and acquiring the appropriate usernames & profiles across the channels. With phenomena like social media, managers and owners are best advised to work with these social forces, rather than waste time and energy fruitlessly attempting to stifle their influence. The market is manifesting in a myriad of different forms and social media is one of them. Its prevalence is testimony to its effectiveness and mastering its many forms could be richly rewarding, both materially and for the community spirit within your organisation. Going with the flow is the most economic way to achieve progress.


“SMMAA gets social media and its importance to the entire company, not just marketing. Whether it’s blogging, info-graphic creation, speaking and presentations, or consulting, Mark brings clear-headed, thoughtful, spot-on ideas about the social Web and its societal impacts. Find a way to work with him somehow. You’ll be glad you did.”

– Mark Huge / CEO www.pgdn.com